Credit: RR Auction

Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin’s solid gold Lunar Module replica has sold for nearly $150,000 at a recent Boston-based auction.

Cartier Solid Gold Lunar Module Replica sold for $149,861 according to Boston-based RR Auction.

Produced by the legendary jewelry company Cartier, three of the solid gold models of the Lunar Module Eagle was commissioned by a French newspaper and presented to the Apollo 11 astronauts during their post-flight visit to Paris in October 1969.

The astronauts’ visit to Paris came as part of their ‘Giant Step’ international goodwill tour, which brought them to 24 countries in 45 days. In the celebratory mania that ensued, one hundred million people turned out to see the crew who had performed humanity’s greatest triumph…a journey to the Moon and back.

Space memorabilia highlights

“With the upcoming Apollo 11 50th Anniversary interest in space memorabilia remains incredibly strong — as evidenced by the Apollo 11 crew signed flag included in our sale that more than doubled the previous world record price for a public auction,” said Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction, in a press statement.

Highlights from the sale include:

Apollo 11 crew signed American flag presentation realized $120,693.

Credit: RR Auction

Apollo 11 Lunar Module flown page with Neil Armstrong notations “Go to Descent” sold for $78,346.

A letter penned by astronaut Michael Collins that notes: “The ultimate value of our lunar landing program cannot be outlined in detail at this time,” writes the future Apollo 11 pilot, “just as it was impossible to foresee all the uses to which the Wright brothers’ invention would be put. The letter sold for $18,616.

Another item was a Neil Armstrong letter in which he states, “Exploration in space, as in any other area, provides answers to old questions, but, perhaps more importantly, provides new questions. New questions are the basis for progress, and progress is the key to a better world in which to live. It sold for $11,837.


The Space Exploration Auction from RR Auction began on November 9 and concluded on November 16.

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