Space cowboys? International lawyers are trying to agree on what legislation will be needed to control the exploration of mineral resources in space to avoid a new ‘Wild West’.
Credit: James Vaughan



It is the combination of commercial activity and use of space resources that creates perception of tension.

Artist’s illustration of astronauts at an asteroid as well as other mining and transportation vehicles operating in space.
Credit: TransAstra Corporation & Anthony Longman

Some groups have expressed concern over a perceived gap in the law that creates uncertainty.

Others have expressed concern that use of space resources might be conducted to benefit only a few companies and spacefaring nations.

Then there are those who argue that the activity is illegal until a binding international regime is put into place to oversee it.








Go to this new paper published in Issues of Science and Technology — New Policies Needed to Advance Space Mining — VOL. XXXV, NO. 2, WINTER 2019 PERSPECTIVES.

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