Cuff checklist on the final Apollo 17 moonwalk in 1972. On the bottom of the last page he had written some crib notes to jog his memory for his famous departure speech.
Courtesy: RR Auction


An upcoming auction by Boston-based RR Auction will feature a special Apollo 17 item from the late Gene Cernan.

The Apollo 17 mission to the Moon took place December 7–19, 1972.

Cernan wore a cuff checklist on his wrist for the duration of the final Apollo 17 moonwalk, exposing it to the lunar environment for 7 hours and 15 minutes.

Moonwalker Gene Cernan during 3rd excursion. Note cuff checklist.
Credit: NASA

The cuff checklist is a comprehensive guide for the moonwalking activity, offering preparation procedures, simplified maps of traverse routes and landmarks.

Online bidding

Among the more than 500 auction items: Skylab full-scale training mockup of the Multiple Docking Adapter (MDA) was used to train the Skylab astronauts before their missions, a MIT-built Lunar Traverse Gravimeter, like that used on Apollo 17, and an Apollo-era Marquardt R-4D Rocket Engine.

Online bidding for the Space Exploration and aviation sale from RR Auction will begin October 8 and conclude October 15.

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Also, go to this video featuring Cernan describing his Apollo 17 experience and the role of his cuff checklists at:

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