The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up a Future of Limitless Possibility by Robert Zubrin; Prometheus Books, New York, 2019; hardcover:  395+ pages, $25.00

There is an on-going revolution in spaceflight. But where will this uprising in technological prowess take us?

Robert Zubrin has written a compelling account of the trajectory ahead for humanity. In 14 chapters (divided into a part 1: “How we can” and part 2: “Why we must”), the author puts forward a visionary account of how best to break the bonds of Earth and head for the stars.

“Great things are happening,” Zubrin says in an introduction that kicks off the book. “It’s a grand time to be alive. We are living at the beginning of history. We are present at the creation.”

There’s a new space race afoot; it’s not a replay of rival superpowers that ushered in the Cold War space race. Rather, competing entrepreneurs are the key to transforming our future in space.  The author underscores why the spaceflight revolution is a must: for the knowledge, for the challenge, for our survival, for our freedom, and for the future. In the book’s concluding chapter, Zubrin flags what now needs to be done, giving the charge to the reader to become a space activist.

The book is loaded with technical detail on pushing forward to the stars, as well as sweeping and captivating looks at terraforming, mining the asteroids for fun and profit, how to build a Moon base, and colonizing Mars. Zubrin does not skimp on provocative ideas and pulls no punches when critical of ideas promoted by NASA and others.

“Making history is not a spectator sport,” Zubrin concludes. “It’s your turn at the plate.” 

The reader will find this mind-stretching volume an absorbing look at the future of space exploration. A great glossary of terms and chapter by chapter notes for delving deeper into topics rounds out this impressive book.

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