Artwork: David Egge

Artwork: David Egge

Going up? Attention space elevator button pushers!

A feature-length documentary called Sky Line is being released this month, an impressive view that follows a group of scientists and entrepreneurs as egos collide in an attempt to reach for the stars.

The film, which centers on the real-life building of the once fantastical space elevator concept, will debut at DOC NYC 2015 – America’s largest documentary festival — and will be released on all major On Demand platforms on November 20th, 2015.

Historical note

In his 22nd century-set 1979 novel, The Fountains of Paradise, science fact/fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke imagined an elevator connecting Earth with an orbiting satellite, eliminating the need for costly and environmentally destructive rockets. While scientists have considered such a project, they have been hampered by the lack of sufficiently advanced technology… until now.

Courtesy: Sky Line

Courtesy: Sky Line

“At its heart, Sky Line is a movie about chasing your dreams, and this was one of ours,” says director Miguel Drake-McLaughlin. “What drives a person to devote his life to pursuits that may take generations to achieve? We set out to answer that question when we first went to Seattle to begin filming the folks involved in the Space Elevator Conference. We didn’t have much of a plan, but we knew everyone had a story – and we found the people that became the backbone of this film.”

For several years, Drake-McLaughlin adds, the documentarians would revisit these eccentric and brilliant characters, resulting in Sky Line.

On demand platforms

With a running time of 74 minutes, Sky Line will be available on all major On Demand platforms, including Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and Xbox, beginning on November 20th, 2015.

Sky Line is co-directed by Miguel Drake-Mclaughlin and Jonny Leahan, and executive produced by Robert Wood. The distribution deal was negotiated by Sam Scupp of FilmBuff – an award-winning full-service distribution company, with a focus on delivering high quality, compelling film and video to targeted audiences.

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