A comprehensive and easy to follow visual guide of minerals that have been reported in lunar samples is now available.

One of the aims of making this book freely available to the worldwide community is to support the research of current and future generations of planetary mineralogists, reports Andy Tindle and Mahesh Anand.

Anand is a Professor in Planetary Science and Exploration in the School of Physical Sciences at The Open University. Tindle is a Visitor to the School of Planetary Sciences at The Open University.

Harrison (Jack) Schmitt collecting a sample at Station 5 (Camelot
Crater) during the second extra-vehicular activity (EVA) of the
Apollo 17 mission in December 1972.
Credit: NASA

On-line collection

Virtual microscope work at the Open University began in 1993 and has culminated in the on-line collection of over 1000 samples available via the virtual microscope website, explains Tindle and Anand.

Why this book is needed is to answer a few basic questions like:

What are the minerals found in Moon rocks?

What do they look like and what are their sizes and abundances?

What does analysis of those minerals tell us?






The iBook version can be downloaded from the Apple Book store at:


If you download the iBook, you will be able to use the interactive elements of the Virtual Microscope that are embedded in the iBook version.

A PDF version is available at the OpenLearn website:


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