BUZZ ALDRIN GET YOUR ASS TO MARSAll engines up and running … Go live with Buzz Aldrin and friends!

A special video is now live at:

Go ahead and post your stories on how Apollo 11’s landing on the Moon influenced you by using #Apollo45 when sharing your stories.

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  • Mercy777 says:

    Petition to rename Pad 39a ‘Armstrong’s Start’. Can you sign this petition for me and pass the word along to friends you might think are interested.

  • hekate says:

    I remember very well this night, even I was an eleven years old child. I was watching tv with my father all night, because school was closed the following day. All our teachers encouraged us to watch this “most important adventure of mankind”. It was exciting, although we had to stand hours of dribble from the so-called scientific experts. That was boring! But it was worth it. We didn’t get a wink of sleep that night, but either my father nor me did ever regret about that. I still feel the tension, when the eagle (so tiny and vulnerable) opened and the first man on the moon climbed down. It was an unforgettable experience for me and of course I wanted to become an astronaut too.
    Only one thing peeved me – I had to write an essay about the moonlanding next week as a homework.
    But to sum up – it’s been one of the greatest nights I ever had.

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