The laser retro-reflector array itself before being installed on the Beresheet Moon lander.
Credit: SpaceIL/Courtesy Xiaoli Sun/GSFC


An Israeli spacecraft is headed for the Moon, slated to touch down in April within Mare Serenitatis on the northern hemisphere of the Moon. Onboard is an experiment — smaller than a computer mouse — that could enable spot-on touch downs of future robotic and human-carrying landers.

NASA experiment after installation (the array is mounted on the top of the spacecraft, lower left, at about 7 o’clock position).
Credit: SpaceIL/Courtesy Xiaoli Sun/GSFC





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NASA’s Piggyback Experiment on Israeli Moon Lander Could Aid Future Lunar Touchdowns

By Leonard David

2 Responses to “Reflect on This: NASA Array on Moon Lander”

  • Dimitri Papanastassiou says:

    MSNBC (Rachel) did a comparison of JFK’s Rice Univ. speech and Pence’s return to the Moon remarks, in Alabama, and of the NASA budgets over time. The current NASA budget offers no possibility for astronauts returning to the Moon, by an order of magnitude. They lie, ineffectively.

  • Dimitri Papanastassiou says:

    My comment had nothing to do with the potential NASA Array of Retro-reflectors on the lunar surface. My original comment addressed the inability to place humans on the surface of the Moon, in five years with the current NASA budgets. Please fix the problem.

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