Russia’s Scientific International Research In Unique terrestrial Station (SIRIUS) involves test subjects and dozens of experiments related to long-duration space exploration by humans.
Image credit: IBMP

Russia is kicking off another of its SIRIUS Project initiatives, a 360-day isolation of individuals to mimic flight conditions of interplanetary space flight.

The work is being done under the auspices of the renowned Institute for Bio-Medical Problems (IBMP) under the Russian Academy of Sciences.

SIRIUS-23 crew members ready for nearly year-long isolation project.
Image credit: IBMP

Moon landing sims

As part of the lengthy, anchored on Earth space journey, crew members will carry out a lunar mission simulation that entails a flyby to find a Moon landing site, multiple landings of four crew members for surface operations, orbiting the Moon, and remote control of a rover on the lunar surface.

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Simulated space ship is at the core of the SIRIUS-23 mission in a 360-day isolation experiment.
Image credit: IBMP

Member of SIRIUS-23 crew undergoes “pre-flight” testing.
Image credit: IBMP

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