Credit: Lunark Habitat mission

Fresh from a Kickstarter campaign, the Lunark Habitat mission is now underway.

Crew members, Sebastian Aristotelis and Karl-Johan, are deep into their three-month journey in the Arctic, Greenland.

Their home-away-from-home design for a lunar dwelling combines the ancient Japanese art of paper folding with the method of biomimicry. The result is a lightweight and strong foldable structure.

“The hab is working well keeping us warm and safe,” reports the twosome. “On average it’s a cozy 22 degrees inside. We feel healthy. Our bodies are adapting to this tiny way of living.”

An earlier communiqué reports: “Went on a long spacewalk up a nearby mountain. Our surroundings are so beautiful. But also barren and vast. It made us feel happy and small.”

 Radically different Moon habitat

The project is dubbed “Lunark,” developed by SAGA Space Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Credit: Lunark Habitat mission

Previous research shows that lack of stimuli, isolation, and confinement will become major challenges for the long-term voyages of the future.

This experiment, the architects contend, will develop and test a radically different Moon habitat where architecture helps to counteract monotony, claustrophobia and psychological stress.

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