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The best way to find laser flashes from another civilization is to always look everywhere

The SETI Institute in Mountain View, California has released details of “Laser SETI: First Ever All-Sky All-the-Time Search – an essential capability when looking for intermittent signals.

Flash drive

The first flash from the group is they’ve launched a fund raising drive.

While Laser SETI is exceedingly cost efficient, astronomy-grade cameras must be purchased and optics fabricated.

The SETI Institute has established funding levels needed to advance to a fully operational system.

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Aliens: on-the-air, all the time?

According to Bill Diamond, President and CEO of the SETI Institute:

“The Universe we call home is vast! It’s also nearly 14 billion years old so it’s very difficult to imagine that we are alone. Yet extraterrestrial life still eludes our efforts to find it. Now you have a chance to be a part of the technology that can change that forever.”

For the last 50 years, whether the extraterrestrials are wielding massive radio transmitters or high-powered lasers, those carrying out SETI experiments have assumed that the aliens are on-the-air, all the time.

Credit: SETI Institute


Circumvent an assumption

“But that might not be right,” Diamond responds. “After all, would these other-worldly beings relentlessly target our solar system if, like the overwhelming majority of galactic stars, they’re more than 100 light-years away — far enough that they haven’t learned we’re here, because our own signals haven’t yet reached them?”

Laser SETI is the first experiment to circumvent this assumption, Diamond adds, “because it’s designed to find a very short ping that doesn’t stay on all the time — it can detect a laser flash as short as a microsecond; and one that might not repeat for days, weeks, or even longer.”


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