“Above us in the heavens, an intergalactic land grab is unfolding,” explains an upcoming HBO documentary Wild Wild Space, premiering on HBO and Max next Wednesday, July 17.

“It’s a fast-paced and high-stakes race in which rockets and satellites are taking over low earth orbit to gain control over our planet,” explains a press statement focused on the upcoming documentary’s release.

Image credit: Astra

Image credit: Rocket Lab

Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Ross Kauffman, the film focuses on the intense rivalry between two visionaries and founders of contesting rocket companies: Chris Kemp of Astra and Peter Beck of Rocket Lab.

Dark $ide

Kauffman follows the rollercoaster journey of these tech startups vying for a piece of uncharted space territory. 




“From exhilarating triumphs to gut-wrenching setbacks, we witness the fierce competition to seize humanity’s next great frontier,” adds the statement.

“But beneath the shiny veneer of progress is the dark side of capitalism’s insatiable appetite for profit.”



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