Credit: DOD/U.S. Navy/Inside Outer Space screengrab


A few days ago, the Department of Defense (DOD) authorized the release of three unclassified Navy videos, one taken in November 2004 and the other two in January 2015, which have been circulating in the public domain after unauthorized releases in 2007 and 2017.

The U.S. Navy previously acknowledged that these videos circulating in the public domain were indeed Navy videos.

Credit: DOD/U.S. Navy/Inside Outer Space screengrab


Air space incursions

From an April 27 statement by the DoD: “After a thorough review, the department has determined that the authorized release of these unclassified videos does not reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems, and does not impinge on any subsequent investigations of military air space incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Furthermore, the statement explains that “DOD is releasing the videos in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real, or whether or not there is more to the videos.”

Credit: DOD/U.S. Navy/Inside Outer Space screengrab



“Historical” Navy videos

The aerial phenomena observed in the videos, the DoD statement on the “Release of Historical Navy Videos” concludes, “remain characterized as “unidentified.”




The released videos can be found at the Naval Air Systems Command Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Reading Room:

Debunking the videos

But for all you unidentified aerial phenomena followers, take note of the work of Mick West. He describes himself as a debunker, skeptic, writer, along with being a former video game programmer. He is author of the book: Escaping the Rabbit Hole – How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories using Facts, Logic, and Respect.

West has released a video called “Explained: New Navy UFO Videos” – and it is well worth viewing.

West has assessed the trio of videos, called FLIR, GIMBAL and GOFAST.

Mick West, debunker, skeptic, writer.
Credit: Mick West/Inside Outer Space screengrab

Likely explanations

“With the help of others, I quickly arrived at likely explanations for all three videos,” West explains. “The FLIR video is most likely a distant plane. The video was taken well after the famous encounter with a hypersonic zig-zagging tic-tac by pilots from the Nimitz [aircraft carrier]. This object doesn’t actually move on screen – except when the camera moves, and it resembles an out of focus low-resolution backlit plane. I don’t know what the pilots saw, but this video does not show anything really interesting.”

The GIMBAL video is also probably of a plane, West continues. “It’s not rotating. What you see is the infrared glare of the engines, larger than the plane. It looks like it is rotating because of an artifact of the gimbal-mounted camera system.” As for the “AURA” around the plane, that’s just image sharpening, he adds. “It happens all the time in thermal camera footage. It’s not an alien warp drive, it’s just the unsharp mask filter.”

Lastly, the GO-FAST video probably shows a balloon, West surmises. “It’s not moving fast, it’s not skimming the water, and you can verify this yourself because all the information you need is in the numbers on screen. It’s just an effect caused by parallax,” he concludes.

To view Mick West’s “Explained: New Navy UFO Videos” go to:

22 Responses to “Debunking Navy “UFO” Videos”

  • don says:

    All of the best scientists in the world…and youyou dont think they discovered what you’ve mentioned? Not buyin that

    • Alan says:

      This is terrible. What makes you the only person who is confident in explaining away these videos. You left out so many important details its gross negligence almost. You know planes are tracked right. You dont think that if any of these videos were actually planes that the FAA, the military, the pentagon etc wouldnt be able to track and identify the so called “ planes” literally with date and time stamps. That’s the amazing thing about radar technology and tracking in general is that planes are tracked every second but you’re proposing is the FFA completely lost track of multiple planes and had no idea where they were at. That’s your theory which is complete and utter nonsense and if any of those videos were actually planes I think in the years, since these videos were released that information would have came to light and like most amateur scientists, you simply design experiments to fit your narrative, which is not true science and makes your findings unbelievably biased. I’m not saying they’re actual UFO aircraft but they could be but one thing they’re not is planes acting like in 2023, we don’t have the technology to determine that.

    • Deetee says:

      Where did he say he knows better than anyone else? And there are MANY scientists who’ve said this exact same thing. You’re not very bright, are “youyou?”

  • What? says:

    Well this guy better get on the phone with the Pentagon because all the seasoned vets over there looked at the footage and couldn’t determine what it is. They couldn’t identify a fucking PLANE? Luckily we have wise people like Mick West to handle the situation.

    • Ty says:

      Yes, they couldn’t identify a fucking plane. Much like they couldn’t identify an Airbus 300 from a F-14 and shot one down in 1988.

  • That Guy says:

    Gee, it’s good to know that there are very stable geniuses like him. Otherwise we might just have to take the word of highly trained and experienced Navy fighter pilots.

    • Alan says:

      I suggest you look up the Stepenville UFO incident. Probably one of the most compelling arguments that show actual hard radar evidence that these are not planes in the sky. For the Stephenville incident, they were literally able to cooperate multiple eyewitness testimony that saw the same aircraft on the same day moving at high intensity speeds. Once the FFA released that radar data via FOIA, the radar data actually proved there was something in the sky being tracked by military F-16’s that was not a military aircraft & that was not a civilian aircraft and radar was able to prove that it was flying at a very low speed of approximately 44 mph and then shot to the north east in an instant at 1900 mph. Tell me what known aircraft can do those kind of speeds in our atmosphere what known aircraft is able to virtually HOVER flying at a low speed of 44 mph and then within seconds increase speed to 1900 mph. Again, I’m not saying they’re actual UFO aircraft but it’s not regular civilian aircraft it’s not regular military aircraft that we know of that’s for darn sure. And what true scientists do is they run experiments to not only debunk what is being alleged, but they also run experiments to debunk their own theory which obviously is lacking from y’all.

  • Dean Jenkins says:

    I think Mr West puts a more articulate and well thought out case than your inane and dogmatic ‘fucking denial.

  • Mick so smart says:

    Navy pilot is cheering for being able to track the object with his radar, and Mick West chimes in to explain it was a balloon. Sure Mick, thanks for clearing that up lol.

  • Chris says:

    I saw Framor who witnessed the tic tac ufo interviewed on a respectable channel – that of Lex Fridman, an AI researcher at MIT. He is a serious scientist not a wackjob. Framor refutes West’s accusatiions. He explains in great detail how navy pilots are trained to use their instrument readings as much if not more than their eyes. He did not just see it from 1 angle, he engaged with it going 360 degrees round it and is 99.99% sure it was some super advanced, next level technology. At the time of the sighting he, was a navy pilot instructor and trained how to correctly observe. He explains why that is. Mick is not a trained pilot or even really a trained observer. Self-taught at most. I have to believe Framor. He has not sought to make money and even said nothing about it to anyone outside the navy for years. It only happened once and he just got on with his life. He is not a “believer”. Mick West is just a professional debunker.

  • Martin says:

    Your all nuts . No such thing as ETs , aliens etc . The bigger the lie , the more our species believe it .

  • Mick and Martin are dinguses says:

    “Your all nuts”

    … from a guy who cant spell “you’re”
    And “no such thing as aliens”… lmfao

    Yeah there are more galaxies full of planets than grains of sand on this one and Earth is the only one with intelligent life on it… sounds legit. Lmfao

    Martin is likely a religious nut.


    • Deetee says:

      Lol you’re the religious nut, it’s just not an abrahamic religion you’re nutty about. Your religion is believing science fiction is real. You pretend you’re listening to scientists, meanwhile most scientists don’t claim one way or another that aliens have visited Earth, just that it’s possible they exist. They sure as hell aren’t posting peer-reviewed OPINIONS on whether or not UFO conspiracies hold any truth. That’s all on you neckbeards who have too much time on your hands.

  • rhakim says:

    No, all the “best scientists in the world” did not analyze this footage for the Pentagon. Luis Elizondo himself said that AATIP was just two guys working part-time with limited resources, and Elizondo, director of AATIP, was just a CIA field agent with no expertise in physics, flight, imaging, space, or any other relevant field. When the Pentagon says they don’t know what is on the footage, that is in part because they simply haven’t cared much about it and used minimal resources to find out.

    Funny to see people dismissing Mick West’s explanation of the videos by attacking him but not being able to show why his explanation of the video is wrong. West’s work isn’t done by his own expertise, many people contribute to analyzing the videos and he just polishes the final explanation. Again, his explanation appears more compelling than the wild conjectures of others.

    It is suspicious that claims of alien technology always have to rely on eyewitness accounts, while the videos themselves are always mundane and fuzzy. If the eyewitness accounts are reliable, then why don’t the videos ever reflect those spectacular claims?

    And why are people so certain that fmr Cmmd. Fravor has not sought to make money? He’s done an awful lot of interviews, including To The Stars exclusives, and To The Stars reported a $37 million operating deficit at one point due to all the stock options they’d promised to former government officials. Doesn’t Cmmd. Fravor’s sudden heavy presence on the media circuit post-2017 look a lot like someone who is on the To The Stars payroll or at least getting stock options in return for his work?

  • Robert says:

    Dear sirs, I watched the 26th July UAP congress hearing and the pilots who chased the tik taks it is absolutely clear they are not balloons.
    I think in the very near future we will all see the
    Part of the truth of of these objects are man made with super new anti gravity technology or they come from elsewhere.

    I suggest to this Mr West , if you are an expect then you should study satellite and other imagery
    That Mr graves has and you may be able to come to positive conclusions
    Rgds Robert

  • Edward Magowan says:

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. That proof is still lacking. I don’t say it isn’t possible.

  • Ty says:

    Fravor saying that he knows what he saw was an object not of this world because he’s a trained observer and has been flying for years is either a bias from overconfidence, some sort of operation with unknown intentions, or evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. The first two seem much more likely. Mick West makes a compelling argument with evidence. I’ve been unable to find this supposed radar evidence besides someone saying it “corroborates” what was seen in the air. If West is wrong, show where and how. “I’ve been flying F-15s since you were in diapers!” is not evidence. Several of these witnesses and whistleblowers are involved in some way with DeLong’s To the Stars Academy, which is itself a contractor with the military. It’s obscene to think this is how truth will be disseminated. Something true will be disseminated, but it’ll be cloaked in lies, fabrications and plenty of bullshit.

    There’s much more evidence to the theory that this UAP investigation is either a distraction or a psychological operation to get the public on board with military spending, larger government or possibly something else. Aliens could be real, they might have even visited. But none of this is intended to get to the bottom of it. In my opinion it’s Krugman’s economic jokes being taken literally. At this point, being shown an alien body isn’t even enough. The body would have to be photographed, autopsied by independent scientists and at least 1,000 samples all independently analyzed by researchers in every field of biological science. That’s the minimum of what it would take due to how corrupted the military industrial complex is. Remember, Tom DeLong’s now in that industry.
    Don’t waste your time on me you’re already the voice inside my head!

    • RG says:

      At least for the 2004 incident it was debriefed at the hotwash that evening. Everybody had a good laugh about it. The radar did not corroborate the alleged UAP, it was the result of a glitch in the system TACTRAGRUPAC and ATG were using to inject training data across the data link. That was also briefed. For the guy up top yapping about FAA….wrong folks. FAA doesn’t have much to do with what goes on out in the operating areas where these happened, Bigfoot and Huntress do. It is a little disappointing that the Chief Operations Specialist from Princeton keeps telling this story. If I recall correctly he was an AIC, so should know better, but as we always said about air intercept controllers….high speed, low IQ.

  • Richard says:

    Lol ,tic tac is powered by electromagnetic field, imagine it has AI avionics, ( no organic element to mush at hi G)., Tic tac uses AI to position it’s self globally or off world based on lines of latitude or longitude, in case of Internet failed, due to war in space ………..Earth rotation speeds ,to quote YODA it taps into magnetic field to speed up or slow down or go inulti direction without any angle of Bank …lol, people Think …….each next small step for Man was done by MIT………..think about a magnet when you flip it ..on its axis , it’s silent and responding to command ….I worked that stu out years ago for our SAS

  • Jay says:

    I was excited at first to see someone else try to debunk these but sadly disappointed to see you rely completely on Mick West. He intentionally leaves details out. He hypnotizes people by with suggestive semantics, ‘identifying’ the unknown as a plane when its clear West has never flown a fighter and has no clue what he’s talking about. But people lap it up. Now can they explain why the audio in the Gimbal video says ‘there’s a whole fleet of them’, the ‘them’ being the unidentified objects? Of course not. A good mark wont even go back and watch the video again for themselves. Nor will they read any reports or do any research whatsoever. They WILL let themselves be led astray by West because they worship so called authority, and they are LAZY.

    You guys have NO idea what’s coming. I recommend you research every detail you can, and dont let people think for you. These pilots are trained professionals and know the difference between a plane and an unknown…especially a whole fleet of them!

  • Nelson Vargas says:

    These stories are all ment to cause doubt on the suject so media sources can say …. see!!! someone debunked it and people won’t actually look into it.

    you people might want to watch very closely at who is making damn sure the UAP ndaa bill doesn’t pass because it “negatively affects national security” and why is that huh?? If UAP do not exist and they are no ours! People have to think we are freaking idiots. For you information these people are Mike Turner whos congressional district is over write patterson air force base, yes thats where the roswell crash went. then the other person is Lloyd Austin… the damn secretary of defense. Wake the hell up people, your damn govt is taking you for a ride!

  • Paul Crumpler says:

    Well, I’ve observed numerous UFOs in the night sky without instrumentation errors. They’re undeniably real. However, they’re not aliens or extra-dimensional entities. They’re simply something I couldn’t identify, likely either an aircraft or orbital craft. No aliens present, nor on military craft screens. Often, we tend to leap to the most extreme and unlikely scenarios rather than the most probable ones. For instance, if I hear a noise at night in my house, it could be various things but certainly not a ghost. Similarly, if one hears voices in their head, it’s highly unlikely to be communication from a divine entity.

    I believe there are likely aliens in the universe, but their distance from us is too vast for them to reach us. Achieving light-speed travel is impossible, and even 10% of light speed is highly improbable. Considering the expanse of our galaxy, it’s a huge place.

    Applying Occam’s Razor, which suggests that the simplest explanation is usually the best, is the best starting.

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