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BOULDER, Colorado – As I get older by the day, you do wonder about the term “shelf life.”

Meanwhile, this year, Astronaut Foods is celebrating five decades past when they soft-landed Astronaut Ice Cream into freeze-dried fandom. No refrigeration needed. And a three-year shelf life!

Since its launch in 1974, developed alongside NASA, this delicacy was my only connection with getting a taste of space travel.

Yes, even earlier, there were those toothpaste-tubes filled with whatever. That eventually broke down with astronauts sneaking in sandwiches onboard their spacecraft.

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Enduring appeal

I just got word that Astronaut Foods is “over the Moon” this year in commemorating the 50th anniversary of Astronaut Ice Cream.

These “out-of-this-world treats,” the company explains, have earned their place in the hearts of many “as a symbol of innovation, curiosity, and the enduring spirit of exploration.”

Ron Smith is co-owner and founder of American Outdoor Products, a family-owned, Boulder, Colorado-based company. Astronaut Foods is in its 3rd generation of family ownership with the Smith Family.

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Smith said in a press statement that, as people experienced it, “Astronaut Ice Cream quickly became one of the best-selling products in museums, science centers, and gift shops across the U.S. It has withstood the test of time, proving its enduring appeal and becoming a beloved treat for generations.”

Cosmic crunch

In dipping into the company’s freeze-dried products, I see you can snag creamy ice cream sandwiches with a cosmic crunch.

“No freezer needed and a three year shelf life. Perfect for a trip to Mars and back!”

I’m in…depending on my own “off-Earth, out-of-body” travel itinerary.

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