U.S. Vice President Pence briefs President Trump on the National Space Council.
Credit: White House

Vice President Mike Pence Briefed U.S. President Trump and the Cabinet on March 8 regarding the National Space Council – led by Pence.

“This Administration is leading in space,” Pence tweeted, “by bringing together private sector & federal gov’t – huge advances! We’ll continue to strengthen national security & unleash innovation, which creates high-paying jobs in America. #space.”

Credit: White House

White House science & technology

Since President Trump’s inauguration, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has built a robust team of over 50 staff members, including a corps of scientists and engineers, policymakers, and academics to advise the President on science and technology (S&T), support the President’s agenda, and ensure that S&T efforts across the Executive Branch are effectively coordinated.

OSTP advisors

OSTP policy advisors are providing expert advice and developing policies on a wide range of topics, including space and aeronautics, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, biotechnology, cybersecurity, digital economy, disaster preparedness, healthcare, infectious diseases, information technology, medicine, nanotechnology, nuclear energy, ocean science, quantum information sciences, and telecommunications, among others.

Credit: White House/OSTP





A newly issued White House document provides a selection of the S&T achievements by the Trump Administration to date, including space program agenda items.






View the full report here:


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