Credit: Surrey Space Centre (SSC)

A concept for space debris reduction has successfully been tested – in space!

RemoveDEBRIS, led by the Surrey Space Centre (SSC) at the University of Surrey, was launched into orbit in June from the International Space Station (ISS).

Credit: Surrey Space Centre (SSC)

The RemoveDEBRIS experiment will demonstrate a range of innovative technologies to clean up space debris.

RemoveDEBRIS net, pre-deploy photo.
Credit: Airbus

Net, harpoon, drag sail

The spacecraft features three Airbus technologies to perform Active Debris Removal (ADR): a net and a harpoon to capture debris, and also a Vision Based Navigation (VBN) system to develop rendezvous techniques in orbit with space debris.

Credit: Airbus

The spacecraft itself was designed and built by Airbus subsidiary Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) and also includes a drag sail to speed up deorbiting of the whole mission.











The first video of the Net experiment successfully capturing a deployed cubesat can be found here:


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