Ted Cruz, Republican senator from Texas, pokes his head into NASA’s Orion spacecraft in 2015 at the Johnson Space Center. Then Orion program manager Mark Geyer (left) — now head of NASA’s JSC — discusses the workings of the spacecraft with the lawmaker.
Credit: Lockheed Martin

As the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) addressed the Department of Transportation Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) on Thursday, June 14 about issues that directly affect the U.S. commercial space industry.

”The United States has the potential to grow a vibrant and competitive commercial space industry. However, regulations and outdated policies could potentially stifle innovation, restrict investment, and drive the American launch sector and non-traditional space activities to foreign countries abroad. There are very few major policy areas that bring both Democrats and Republicans together, but in Congress, there is a bipartisan commitment to America’s leadership in space,” Cruz explains.


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