President trump held a rally in Michigan on April 28…during which he made note of the U.S. space program and private space initiatives.

“We inherit the legacy of the great Americans who constructed the railroads, tamed the frontiers, built the highways, carved out the panama canal, and put a man on the face of the Moon. And by the way, excuse me, do you see how our space program is going? A little different.

And we are letting those rich guys that like rockets — go ahead, use our property, pay us some rent. You can use Cape Canaveral. Just pay us rent and spend that money. Pretty amazing, right?

How about when the engines come down, they come down and they land so they can use them again. That looks like a futuristic, beautiful stuff.

We have reinvigorated our space program to a level that nobody thought possible in this short period of time.

NASA is back. NASA is back. And Mars is waiting for us, you know that. Great. You know what it is? It is great. It is science. It is important. Very important militarily, folks.”

Go to roughly: 1:10:34


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