New study points to Mars, but how to get there anytime soon is TBD.

A special video now highlights the findings of a just-released report from the U.S. National Research Council (NRC): Pathways to Exploration – Rationales and Approaches for a U.S. Program of Human Space Exploration.

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Issued June 4th, the NRC report is arguing for a continuation of America’s human space exploration program. This study concludes that the expense of human spaceflight and the dangers to the astronauts involved can be justified only by the goal of putting humans on other worlds. 

The report recommends that the nation pursue a disciplined “pathway” approach that encompasses executing a specific sequence of intermediate accomplishments and destinations leading to the “horizon goal” of putting humans on Mars. 

However, the success of this approach would require a steadfast commitment to a consensus goal, international collaboration, and a budget that increases by more than the rate of inflation.

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