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The European Space Agency’s Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) has a new issue of Acta Futura in the works, the latest dedicated to research on interstellar exploration.

Artist rendering of the Directed Energy Interstellar Study.
Credits: P. Lubin

“We hoped to create a snapshot as of 2020 of established results, visions, concepts, designs and technologies related to such a wonderful, albeit far-fetched endeavor. We hope, in doing so, to serve those future studies that will take the burden to further the interstellar exploration idea,” notes an ACT posting.

Article listing

Now available through Acta Future are these single articles.

The Path to Interstellar Flight

Project Icarus: Designing a Fusion Powered Interstellar Probe

Radiation Conditions in Relativistic Interstellar Flight

World Ships: Feasibility and Rationale

Artificial Gravity in Interstellar Travel

Language Development During Interstellar Travel

Considerations on Life Support Systems for Interstellar Travel: a Regenerative Story

Growing Plants in Human Space Exploration Enterprises

Credit: ACT

Long-term planning

The Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) is part of the ESA’s Directorate of Technical and Quality Management (TEC-SF).

The team is essentially a channel for the study of technologies and ideas that are of strategic importance in the long-term planning of ESA. It serves the function of a think tank providing decision makers the support of a highly multidisciplinary research group.

Based at the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC), ACT carries out research work on advanced topics and emerging technologies and perform highly skilled analysis on a wide range of topics.

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