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If you’re shooting for the stars via an interstellar spaceship, start the journey by attending the fifth Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW).

A comprehensive schedule of events for TVIW 2017 – “Step by Step: Building a Ladder to the Stars” — is set for October 3-6 in Huntsville, Alabama.

TVIW was founded to outline and develop this Interstellar Vision. The ladder to the stars has many waypoints, attendant milestones and processes. TVIW was founded with a grand vision — to facilitate an “Interstellar” process of knowing and journeying.

Progress and plateaus

According to the group: “To attain grand goals, one must first build an infrastructure that supports steady progress, with plateaus along the way.”  With this technological, philosophical and economic infrastructure, humankind can set foot on the Moon, establish outposts, even cultures, throughout our solar system, and finally, find its (our) pathway to the stars.

Swarm of laser-sail spacecraft leaving the solar system.
Credit: Adrian Mann

Star-studded symposium

The star-studded symposium includes talks by numerous experts, such as Pete Worden, Chairman for the Breakthrough Prize Foundation; Andrew Siemion, Director of the UC Berkley Center for SETI Research; and Slava Turyshev, physicist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as well as Congressman John Culberson and James Benford, sail system director for Breakthrough Star Shot and president of Microwave Sciences Inc.


TVIW partners with the interstellar starship development symposium Starship Century and with Tau Zero Foundation – a coalition of scientists, engineers, artists, and writers seeking practical solutions for interstellar exploration.

A comprehensive schedule of events for the October TVIW 2017 is now available at:

Also, go to the semiannual TVIW newsletter, in PDF format here:

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