Who2 has created GIANT LEAPS: Heroes of Space and Flight – a new solitaire game that celebrates great pilots, astronauts, inventors, and daredevils of the past two centuries, from Neil Armstrong to the Montgolfier Brothers, even Russia’s Laika space dog! 

Who2 staffers Paul Hehn and Fritz Holznagel chose the 52 groundbreaking figures and wrote the text.

Game on!

The game itself was the creation of Neal Taparia and Darshan Somashekar, the creative minds behind the site Solitaired.

As an education entrepreneur, Taparia told Inside Outer Space “our goal is to spread the word and to also demonstrate how games can be used to educate.”

Taparia added that an online solitaire game is also available, which you can find at:


For more information on GIANT LEAPS: Heroes of Space and Flight go to:


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