Space Launch System (SLS) Credit: NASA/MSFC

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued Priority Open Recommendations: NASA.

In March 2018, GAO identified 18 priority recommendations for NASA. Since then, NASA has implemented 10 of those recommendations by, among other things, taking actions to better align its strategic sourcing practices with those used by leading commercial companies and improving controls over some of its information systems.

Credit Roscosmos/NASA


In April 2019, GAO identified one additional priority recommendation for NASA, bringing the total number to nine. These recommendations involve the following areas: monitoring program costs and execution as well as improving efficiency and effectiveness.

“NASA’s continued attention to these issues could lead to significant improvements in government operations,” the GAO document points out.

Among topics spotlighted in the report is developing a contingency plan for access to the International Space Station, as well as Space Launch System (SLS) Block I, as well as Exploration Mission (EM) 1 and 2.

To read the full GAO document, go to:

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