Credit: Caran d’Ache/MB&F


Think of it as one small step in penmanship – but at a giant leap in dollars: $19,900.

Caran d’Ache and MB&F have issued a creative odyssey: the Swiss-made Astrograph writing instrument.

This space rocket-shaped work of art contains a total of 99 components, comprising a multitude of innovative features: a “detent” system of vertical stabilization, launch-pad box, magnetic astronaut figurine.

Credit: Caran d’Ache/MB&F

It takes more than 500 manual operations to produce each instrument, “quite simply the most complex writing instrument ever made in the Caran d’Ache workshops,” notes the company’s website.

Climb on board

The rocket-shaped pen body is rhodium-plated. The base of the “engine” is plated with ruthenium. The stabilizer legs, the joints and miniature ladder are polished, sandblasted, satin-finished and rhodium-plated. A miniature lever – the entry door to the rocket — is concealed in the ring of the pen and activates the simultaneous lowering of three stabilizer legs. Once these have been deployed, it is possible to stand Astrograph up vertically, ready for take-off.

The magnetic miniature astronaut figurine is silver and rhodium-plated and can be attached at will to the body of the writing instrument, ready to “climb on board”.

Credit: Caran d’Ache/MB&F


Limited edition

A “launch pad” box is circular shaped, fitted with three articulated legs that allow the writing instrument to be kept inside or displayed outside, placed in the middle in a vertical position.

The Astrograph limited edition is available in three finishes. In homage to the 99 new components specially developed for the Astrograph limited edition, 99 fountain pens and roller pens are numbered: “1 in 99 pieces.”




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