Passenger flight on rocket-for-hire flings to the edge of space is near at hand. One big draw that adds to the bragging rights for space travelers is the view from high above. Rubbernecking tourists will have face time with space, snagging perspective and images to travelogue their voyages.     Life-changing views One major […]

The ultimate goal: Have one million people from Earth, living, working and moving around on Mars. Join Hewlett-Packard’s Mars Home Planet for a chance to win prizes, collaborate with the world’s leading visionaries, and earn a chance to have your design included in the ultimate Mars VR Experience. Transportation, infrastructure In short, call it the […]

Earlier this week, Daniel Coats, Director of National Intelligence, presented the United States Intelligence Community’s 2018 assessment of threats to US national security. In the Coats statement for the record, that unclassified worldwide threat assessment included a section on “Space and Counterspace.” Here is that section of the report: Antisatellite efforts Continued global space industry […]

Now deep into Sol 1965 operations, the NASA Curiosity Mars rover is checking out a site where the robot will restart drilling duties. Mark Salvatore, a planetary geologist from the University of Michigan in Dearborn, reports that plans for the rover have been “a bit on the thin side.” The reason is that Curiosity’s power […]

Hurling into space the red Tesla Roadster’s via the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket boosted talk about the car brand, but didn’t budge potential sales metrics, according to YouGov BrandIndex. The group measures public perception of thousands of brands across dozens of sectors. According to London-based YouGov BrandIndex, Tesla’s Word of Mouth score started rising several […]

    Discover the possibilities of space through a new innovative web experience created by Microsoft Edge and Virgin Galactic. “The website is built to create a deeper connection between the global population and space travel by demonstrating how space exploration, research and transportation has the potential to improve life for everyone,” according to a […]

    NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is performing Sol 1964 activities. Over last weekend Curiosity drove roughly 170 feet (52 meters) to the northeast to another patch of gray bedrock. “The team is interested in characterizing the gray bedrock to determine if we might want to drill here,” reports Lauren Edgar, a planetary geologist at […]

President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget request for NASA is $19.9 billion. “It reflects the Administration’s confidence that through NASA leadership, America will lead the way back to the Moon and take the next giant leap from where we made that first small step nearly 50 years ago,” explains NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot. This […]

        “Colonize Mars and discover its secrets, with minimal casualties.” That’s an opening premise behind Surviving Mars, a sci-fi settlement builder all about colonizing Mars and surviving the process.           Choose a space agency for resources and financial support before determining a location for your colony. Build domes […]

  A recently released report forecasts the maturing nature of high energy laser weapons, high power microwave weapons and particle beam weaponry. Apart from the U.S., China, Russia, Germany and India have stepped up efforts to design directed energy weapons, military hardware that can be used in the battlefield. These include high power radio frequency […]

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