NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover is now performing Sol 2376 science duties. The Mars robot continues the sequence of drill activities at “Aberlady” reports Vivian Sun, a planetary geologist at NASA/JPL in Pasadena, California, Mars researchers will be collecting Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) data of the dump pile with two offset observations “to […]

  China’s stepping stone space agenda is likely to include a piloted Moon mission to be launched by the mid-2030s. That finding is presented in a new report — China’s Pursuit of Space Power Status and Implications for the United States – has been issued by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. This paper […]

    Engineers on the NASA InSight Mars lander mission are still trouble-shooting the Heat and Physical Properties Package (HP3). There remains uncertainty as to why the “mole” — the nickname for the self-hammering spike that is part of HP3 — is not performing as expected. “The discussion about the reasons of the mole not […]

Hack the Moon celebrates the engineers behind the Apollo program. A digital trove of Apollo artifacts debuts on a special website established by the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There’s a treasure trove of newly released photos, videos and stories about the unsung heroes of Apollo. Hack extras Hack the Moon is free […]

Israel’s Beresheet Moon lander is nearing the moment of truth, projected to land on the Moon at about 11 p.m. Israel time on April 11. That time may change due to final maneuvers, but in achieving a controlled landing on the Moon, Israel moves into the lunar elite column of capable countries that have plopped […]

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover is coming together, headed for its launch window: July 17 – Aug. 5, 2020. If all goes well, the mega-machine will touch down on the Red Planet on Feb. 18, 2021. Once firmly planted on Mars, one onboard experiment promises to help prepare for human exploration of that faraway world. MOXIE […]

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is now performing Sol 2369 duties. Friday marked the conclusion of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Science Team Meeting, held at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. “These meetings are where scientists and engineers can come together to discuss the ongoing activities associated with the Curiosity rover. They’re always productive […]

Israel’s Beresheet lunar lander entered lunar orbit yesterday and is on an “excellent” track, according to overnight data from the SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) engineering teams at their control room in Yehud, Israel. Beresheet is scheduled to land on the Moon at about 11 p.m. Israel time on April 11th. However, a more […]

A critical lunar orbit capture took place successfully! Israel’s Beresheet lunar lander is now entering an elliptical course around the Moon, with the closest point 500 kilometers to the lunar surface and the farthest point 10,000 kilometers. With this maneuver, Israel accomplished another historic goal by becoming the seventh nation ever to enter the Moon’s […]

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is performing Sol 2367 tasks. “Our short drive on Monday was successful, bringing two candidate drill targets into closer, clearer view, reports Michelle Minitti, a planetary geologist at Framework in Silver Spring, Maryland. The prime candidate “Aberlady” appeared to have the same color, structure and texture as the Sol 2365 contact […]

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