“It is time to reexamine the framework of U.S. space policy in light of the dramatic changes in the space enterprise over the last decade.” A new report suggests that better standardization of regulations across military, civil, and commercial sectors would help close loopholes and reduce confusion. That’s a key message from a just issued […]

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is now in Sol 2081. Roger Wiens, a geochemist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, reports that the final several sols of Curiosity’s drill activities at “Duluth” are devoted mostly to imaging and to analysis of the pile of drill tailings that are dumped on the ground after the delivery to rover […]

NASA, with support from Bryce Space and Technology, has developed a map capturing a cultural perspective of locations in the solar system and points beyond. The Strategic Geography of the Solar System and Beyond was produced for NASA Space and Technology Mission Directorate Office of Emerging Space. The map’s emphasis is on three parts of […]

  Axiom Space is offering expeditions to space aboard the International Space Station (ISS)…and ultimately the Axiom commercial space station complex. Ten-day missions are priced at $55 million with the first launch occurring in 2020. The price includes transportation to and from the ISS, everything necessary to live and enjoy the experience while on orbit, […]

NASA will host a media teleconference today at 10:30 a.m. PDT (1:30 p.m. EDT) Wednesday, June 13, to discuss the health of NASA’s Opportunity rover. A massive Martian dust storm is affecting operations of the solar powered robot. The storm is one of the most intense ever observed on the Red Planet. As of June […]

Now in Sol 2079, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is monitoring an evolving dust storm on the Red Planet. Over the weekend, an error cropped up during a regular test of the high gain antenna (HGA) actuators, leaving the antenna unavailable for uplink of a recent plan, but otherwise healthy, reports Michelle Minitti, a planetary geologist […]

The powerhouse engine for the reusable Phantom Express spaceplane is slated to undergo a series of daily hot-fire tests at NASA’s Stennis Center in Mississippi starting this summer. Boeing is building the spaceplane under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program. The reusable Phantom Express spaceplane will take off vertically and land horizontally. The […]

Science operations for NASA’s Opportunity rover have been temporarily suspended as it waits out a growing dust storm on Mars. The storm now spans more than 7 million square miles (18 million square kilometers) — an area greater than North America — and includes Opportunity’s current location at Perseverance Valley. Atmospheric opacity The swirling dust […]

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is now in Sol 2076, ready to tackle a weekend of duties. Reports Rachel Kronyak, a planetary geologist from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, the weekend plan has two main priorities: perform another analysis with the robot’s Chemistry & Mineralogy X-Ray Diffraction/X-Ray Fluorescence Instrument (CheMin) on the Duluth drill sample […]

Over the next ten years, more than 6,000 smallsats are expected to launch. That’s an over six-fold increase from the previous decade. As the smallsat market grows, launch remains the main bottleneck to timely and affordable access to space. The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy (CSPS) released a new policy paper today […]

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