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A Russian entrepreneurial group – StartRocket — has got its eyes on the sky – to create an in-orbit system that would allow advertisements, logos, special product offerings and messages to be constantly posted.

Making use of a cluster of cubesats, the orbital display can reach a potential audience of 7 billion – everyone on the planet. The display orbits at roughly 250 – 310 miles (400-500 kilometers) altitude and would deliver 3 to 4 messages/images a day.

Credit: StartRocket/Screengrab: Inside Outer Space

Vlad Sitnikov is project leader of this space startup, bringing to the table 20 years of advertising skills.

Credit: Start Rocket/Screengrab: Inside Outer Space

Sky branding

The dream, according to the group, is to follow artist Andy Warhol’s observation: “The most beautiful thing in Tokyo is McDonald’s. The most beautiful thing in Stockholm is McDonald’s. The most beautiful thing in Florence is McDonald’s. Peking and Moscow don’t have anything beautiful yet.”

The group’s website explains “Space has to be beautiful. With the best brands our sky will amaze us every night. No ugly place there after this.”

Start Rocket expects to collect $25 million for the first round of investment until October 1, 2019 with the goals: product  developing and design research (engineering and main tech solution developing), test main formation specifications, two first cubesats, control mission station, ground tests, fixing, airworthiness certificates, orbit technology demonstration, result and tests analysis.

Credit: StartRocket/Screengrab: Inside Outer Space

Cost of the orbital display operating time slot after the formation deploy is $200k for 8 hours.

Number of applications

According to the group’s website, there are a number of applications for display orbit:

  • Displaying complementary messages or images from the orbit during global events for entertaining purposes.
  • Bringing necessary information to the public on a broad-based perception level: from the simplest to the most complicated: such as logos and special product offers from brands.
  • When phones don’t work, during zero visibility, power cuts and catastrophical emergencies – government can use the display for urgent notifications for the population.

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