Credit: Waterville Opera House

Most of the cast and crew of One Way Trip to Mars are now in Maine, on final approach to taking off and premiering the rock opera at the Waterville Opera House August 24-27.

One Way Trip to Mars – an innovative hybrid rock opera — has been likened to the tradition of The Who’s Tommy and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust,

The storyline for this dramatic rock opera was inspired by actual plans by several space agencies to send human missions to Mars within the next 10 to 20 years.

All-star cast

After recent auditions in New York City involving more than 200 qualified applicants 12 actors were chosen. The production team has returned to Maine with the all-star cast.

This piece of musical theater is seen as an appealing way to give voice to some of the most pressing concerns of our time while also making commentary on the best qualities of human nature, hope and the power of love.

The rock opera features 24 songs by Maine musicians Peter Alexander and Johannah Harkness, and is directed by Dennis St. Pierre.

Credit: Waterville Opera House, Maine

Space scenario

Pepe Nufrio will be Paolo “Cruze,” the first astronaut to travel to Mars on a one-way mission.  Fantine Pritoula will star as Cassandra, Paolo’s life partner and fellow astronaut who is sent to join him when conditions on Earth deteriorate. Nacole Palmer stars as Madeleine, Cassandra’s best friend and confidant; and Cory Gibson stars as Hector, heroic head of the space agency.

Rennie Weingart stars in the dancing role she has developed as the embodiment of “Mars,” while Marta Rymer, Evan Michael Smith, Maigan Kennedy, David Curtis, Renee Gagner, Jackson Mattek, and Elora Von Rosch perform in a variety of roles in the Ensemble.


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