Credit: Space Gateway view of the Moon.
Credit: ESA

To support the educational community in running activities relating to the Moon, the European Space Agency (ESA) has launched a new education webpage: Teach with the Moon.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, the first crewed landing on the Moon. ESA, alongside other space agencies, has long thought of the Moon as the stepping stone for the human exploration of space.

A new ESA-led project is investigating the ways that 3D printing could be used to create and run a habitat on the Moon. Everything from building materials to solar panels, equipment and tools to clothes, even nutrients and food ingredients can potentially be 3D printed.
Credit: ESA


Moon on the mind

In collaboration with international partners, ESA is preparing to return to the Moon with several missions in development for the coming years.

Dig deep: New ESA website explore extracting water from the Moon.
Credit: ESA

The Teach with the Moon educational page hosts a variety of curricular STEM resources using the Moon as the learning context. These resources can be used in and outside the classroom to engage primary and secondary students in STEM subjects by building on their natural curiosity for space and the exploration of the Moon in particular.

























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