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Elon Musk, SpaceX lead rocketeer, has twitter followers abuzz again.

Falcon Heavy artwork
Credit: SpaceX

This time Musk posted that his Falcon Heavy mega-rocket is to launch in January from the historic Apollo 11 pad in Florida. “Will have double thrust of next largest rocket. Guaranteed to be exciting, one way or another,” Musk tweeted.

But there’s more. “Payload will be my midnight cherry Tesla Roadster playing Space Oddity. Destination is Mars orbit. Will be in deep space for a billion years or so if it doesn’t blow up on ascent.”

Tesla roadster to the Red Planet?
Credit: Tesla

Space reporters did their best to confirm with SpaceX that the tweets were truth…and now believe they are.















Pucker factor

For a review of what the real nail-bitter is regarding the SpaceX powerful booster, go to:

SpaceX’s First Flight of Falcon Heavy: “Major Pucker Factor” (Updated)


Credit Space

Credit:. SpaceX




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