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This month’s release of the sci-fi film “Alien: Covenant” has a robotic guest star, the Audi lunar quattro – a Moon rover developed in cooperation with a German start-up – “Part-Time Scientists.”

The Audi lunar quattro celebrates its film debut in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi blockbuster “Alien: Covenant” which premieres worldwide this month. Audi experts have developed the Audi lunar quattro in cooperation with the German start-up “Part-Time Scientists”. It will soon embark on an actual mission to space.

Alien: Covenant/Audi lunar quattro.
Credit: Audi/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Dark and dangerous

The movie’s director Ridley Scott has integrated the Audi lunar quattro into the film that has a crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovery what they think is an uncharted paradise. The plot thickens and turns dark and dangerous.

The Audi lunar quattro is an integral part of the Covenant mission and is deployed to navigate and assess the challenging, strange landscape of a new planet.

Credit: Audi

All-wheel drive

The Audi lunar quattro is preparing for an actual mission to the Moon.

A team led by Robert Böhme, founder and CEO of “Part-Time Scientists” has been busily developing the lunar rover.

Audi experts have supported the Berlin-based start-up, in particular with Audi’s all-wheel drive expertise (quattro technology), know-how in lightweight construction, experience in developing vehicles with electric and plug-in hybrid motors (e-tron), and with design optimization.

Artistic look at ALINA soft-lander on the Moon.
Credit: Part-Time Scientists

Moon-bound mobility

The result is that the Audi lunar quattro is 85 percent aluminum, produced by the 3D metal printer at Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt. A pivoting solar panel supplies the rover with energy. According to the car manufacturer look for an advanced Audi lunar quattro setting its course for the Moon in the near future.

Taking part in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, the Part-Time Scientists have the goal to soft land two lunar rovers in travel distance to the Apollo 17 landing site using ALINA, a fully autonomous soft landing vehicle. The team consists of around 70 members contributing across 3 continents with a fixed staff of 35 based in Germany.

Credit: Part-Time Scientists





NOTE: There is a treasure-trove of photos, videos regarding the movie appearance of the Audi lunar quattro and the ongoing work of Part-Time Scientists.


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