Credit: HI-SEAS


An 8-month Mars analog isolation mission is wrapping up today at the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) facility at the Mauna Loa volcano, Big Island, Hawaii.

The six-person crew that began the simulated mission in January is comprised of four men and two women.

Credit: HI-SEAS

The purpose of the mock Mars mission — backed by NASA — is to directly address the “Risk of Performance Decrements Due to Inadequate Cooperation, Coordination, Communication, and Psychosocial Adaptation within a Team.”

According to a HI-SEAS statement: “We need to identify psychological and psychosocial factors, measures and combinations thereof that can be used to compose highly effective crews for autonomous, long duration and/or distance exploration missions.”

Go to this informative video by University of Hawai‘i News on HI-SEAS, published on Sep 15, 2017. Go to:

Credit: HI-SEAS

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