Courtesy of NASA/JPL/USGS

Earth’s moon taunts. There is a growing chorus of experts that view this “eighth continent” as a near-by world of natural resources sitting there at the edge of Earth’s gravity well – ready for the picking.

Visionary zeal aside, clarity is step one. Wanted is the right combination of vision, gobs of moon moola, make-it-happen technologies and the political willpower to unchain the Moon’s wealth.

Credit: James Vaughan

A recent report — Commercial Lunar Propellant Architecture: A Collaborative Study of Lunar Propellant Production – has cut to the chase and details what’s needed and what happens next. This appraisal of industry, NASA, lunar scientists, and space lawyers focused on extracting water from the moon’s permanently shadowed regions for use as rocket fuel.

For detailed information, go to the full study at:

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NASA Moon Mining Could Actually Work, with the Right Approach

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