The Lunar Planetary Institute’s (LPI) has released the Lunar South Pole Atlas – a new online reference for mission planners.

NASA has been directed to land astronauts at the lunar south pole by 2024, an objective with a five-year timeline.

Speed, safety, and efficiency are key priorities driving this implementation of Space Policy Directive-1, which is to have humans on the Moon for “long-term exploration and utilization.”

New data products

To assist NASA and the lunar community, LPI, under the Universities Space Research Association (USRA), has compiled an online atlas that consists of a series of maps, images, and illustrations of the south polar region.

The atlas includes new data products developed with the south pole directive in mind; other content is drawn from LPI’s existing collection of Lunar Images and Maps and its Library of Classroom Illustrations.

Links to additional data products derived from recent and ongoing planetary missions are also included.

This atlas is curated to provide context and to be a reference for those interested in the exploration of the Moon’s south pole.








To review the newly released atlas, go to:

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