Apollo 17’s Harrison “Jack” Schmitt was the last man to set foot on the lunar surface, taking part in the 6th human landing on the Moon in December 1972.
Credit: NASA




A 45th Anniversary of Apollo 17 Panel was held at the 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), being held this week in The Woodlands, Texas.

Taking place on Wednesday, March 21, the event was live streamed and captured the saga of Apollo 17.







This panel discussion featured Apollo 17 moonwalker, Harrison Schmitt (first geologist on the Moon), Gerry Griffin (Apollo 17 Flight Director), and James Head III (Apollo 17 backroom scientist).

Apollo 17 mission in December 1972 surveyed the Taurus-Littrow highlands and valley area.
Credit: NASA

The panel was moderated by Carlé Pieters of Brown University.

Apollo 17 field observations and sampling in the valley of Taurus Littrow has produced a number of major conclusions and hypotheses.



This 45th Anniversary of Apollo 17 Panel was streamed live on the LPSC Livestream page:




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  • Ron Creel says:

    Hello Leonard,

    Yes, it was a great panel discussion – brought back many good memories, as some of us supported in our own Mission Control here in Huntsville.

    I asked Clive to ask the Chinese folks at the LPSC about why their Yutu Jade Rabbit robotic rover failed to move after its first lunar night exposure.

    Also, Clive is going to ask the LEAG committee about having me and bob Cataldo from NASA Glenn chair a special session at LEAG-2018 a about that subject – “Surviving the Long and Very Cold Lunar Night”.

    Keep up the good work of keeping us advised about Lunar goings on.


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