Credit: John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library Foundation Incorporated

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library’s JFK Moonshot, is a first-of-its-kind augmented reality documentary app experience, and is now available for free download.

JFK Moonshot is a retelling and recreation of the Apollo 11 mission and its connection to President Kennedy.

Credit: NASA

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the historic Moon Landing; a significant moment in U.S. history catalyzed by a 1962 landmark speech by President Kennedy that shared his “moonshot” vision of human achievement that was then unimaginable.


Now, a half a century later, once again, space is in the headlines. There is a new space race between nations. Visionary entrepreneurs see space as the next frontier in human progress.

Five-day journey

The free JFK Moonshot app includes:

  • First-ever full-scale AR recreation of the 363-ft Saturn V launch on its landing pad outside of the JFK Library in Boston or place the tabletop AR rocket to see it ready for takeoff anywhere in the world.
  • Longest-running AR powered live-stream experience available, the app will take users on the five-day journey (July 16th-20th) from the Earth to the Moon.
  • The mission simulation is made possible by combining 3D digital assets and actual archival footage and audio recordings.

Credit: NASA/ESA

Deeper dive

Using the latest in augmented reality technology, users are immersed into 1969 with a full-scale recreation of the Saturn V rocket and a 5-day real-time tracking simulation of the mission and moon landing.

Users can take a deeper dive into President Kennedy’s vision with interactive AR games, archival NASA footage and educational multimedia experiences.

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