Jeff Bezos was on hand last weekend to accept the first annual Buzz Aldrin Space Innovation Award.
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Apollo 11’s Moon landing on July 20, 1969 took place 48 years ago. That history-making first human touchdown on the lunar landscape was celebrated at the Kennedy Space Center last Saturday during an evening gala held under a massive Apollo Saturn V booster.

While a reflection on decades past, the event proved to be a look into the future courtesy of remarks by Jeff Bezos, the retail mogul of fame and fortune, as well as head of Blue Origin, an entrepreneurial start-up with big plans to pioneer the space frontier.

Space pioneers reflect on the past and the future at Kennedy Space Center gala, left to right: Buzz Aldrin, Jeff Bezos, Jack Schmitt, Michael Collins, and Walt Cunningham.
Credit: Cat Vinton

Humanity’s place in space

Bezos looked at the space past, but gazed into the decades to come, offering his views about humanity’s place in space.

Bezos was on hand to accept the first annual Buzz Aldrin Space Innovation Award.


Lottery winnings

“I have won this lottery,” Bezos said. It’s a gigantic lottery and it’s called And I’m using my lottery winnings to push us a little further into space.”

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By Leonard David,’s Space Insider Columnist

July 21, 2017: 06:30am ET

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