Credit: Christaan van Heijst


An eye-catching reentry of a Chinese rocket body was viewed by aircraft pilots winging their way over the Atlantic

Thanks to a Facebook posting by Dutch pilot, Christaan van Heijst, he has shared in-flight images of the space junk plowing through the atmosphere, as seen from the cockpit May 27.

Credit: Christaan van Heijst





Satellite watchers suggest the intruding flotsam was a Chinese CZ-4 rocket body, tagged as 2014-049C. That rocket was used to launch Gaofeng 2, notes Marco Langbroek of Leiden, Netherlands.

Credit: Christaan van Heijst




The pilot reports: “While both of us were gazing at the spectacle of the moonless sky above with a warm cup of coffee in our hands…suddenly I noticed something in the corner of my eye. I looked to my right and to my own surprise I saw a huge group 7-10 of bright yellow lights move parallel to our track with a much faster speed and very high altitude. This was not an airplane, nor was it a meteorite.”


Read the pilot’s unique Facebook posting here:

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