Credit: ECN

Credit: ECN

The big space question of today: Can future generations ever be as excited about space as past generations?

To look for the answer, take in this episode of “Engineering Live” offered by Electronic Component News (ECN).

The premise of this video is that the 1960s were arguably the most fascinating time in the world of space.

According to ECN, Sputnik had been launched just a few years prior and the entire decade ended with the first Moon landing. So what happened?

Despite surges in enthusiasm during the Curiosity Mars rover landing and flashes of obsession with superstar astronauts on the International Space Station, ECN explains that the excitement has waned in generations born after the Space Race.

In certain circles, ECN contends, the final frontier is revered as the next great Wild West, but it’s barely discussed by the general public. So what happened to the enthusiasm for space exploration? How are future generations encouraged? What are the benefits to a strong space program?

Expert panel

Listen to these panelists, moderated by Kasey Panetta, Editor of ECN:

— Rebecca Spyke, Director of International Science & Engineering at The National Science Foundation

— Elizabeth Bierman, President of the Society of Women Engineers and senior project engineer at Honeywell Aerospace

— Mamta Patel Nagaraja, Science Communications, NASA Science Mission Directorate

Recorded on May 1st, go to:

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