Credit: Galactic Getaways/ Slot Planet

A new interactive guide re-imagines the nine planets in our solar system as holiday resorts.

Now your imagination can run wild with Galactic Getaways, an off-Earth holiday guide.

From diamond rain and toasty temperatures of 464 degrees, to photo opportunities including the tallest mountain in the solar system and bright blue clouds, there’s a lot to select from in terms of where to take your intergalactic holiday.

Credit: Galactic Getaways/Slot Planet

Taking the nine planets (including Pluto!) in our Solar System, the guide accounts for all of the factors that are considered when planning a holiday, from weather and average temperatures, to sports and activities included within your travel itinerary.

Destination factors include: Travel time from Earth; average temperature; length of a day; moons; weather; along with photo opportunities and potential sports.

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