Courtesy: Michael Mackowski

Courtesy: Michael Mackowski

Here’s a personal story about space activism, a memoir by Michael Mackowski.

His recollections as a member of local chapters of the L5 Society and the National Space Institute — later to merge into the National Space Society — offer a grassroots look at early citizen space support.

The book closes with some reflections on whether those dreams of a hopeful future from the 1980s had any effect on the realities of the 2010s.

The author’s hope is that historians of the space movement will find the book to be an interesting first-hand account of grass-roots efforts to promote space exploration to the public.

Similarly, current space activists, Mackowski suggests, can learn from these examples of how to execute large pro-space events.

Michael Mackowski is an aerospace engineer whose passion for space exploration has led him to be an advocate for greater public awareness and support for America’s reach for the stars.

This engaging and thoughtful book is now available via Amazon in print and digital formats (hard copy is $8.95 plus shipping, Kindle edition is $4.95) at this link:

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