Credit: ESA

Credit: ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) has posted an informative video – Destination Moon – that spotlights ESA’s vision of what lunar exploration could be.

This 8-minute clip provides an overview of the past, present, and future of Moon exploration, from the lunar cataclysm to replanting humans back on the Moon’s surface.

Why is the Moon important for science? What resources does the Moon have? Is there water? Why should we go back and how will we do it?

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ESA is looking to the future of space exploration using robots ranging from small humanoid robots to larger construction robots with varying degrees of autonomy and flexibility.

A video animation shows advanced concepts of robots designed to explore, prepare and help humans in the very harsh conditions found on the Moon and beyond. For many of the concepts shown, ESA has already developed real-life prototypes, including the multifunctional wheels seen on the first robot in this video.

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Yet another set of videos available feature interviews with different officials on why and how Europe should invest in a mission to the Moon. The program also provides an explanation of the different steps taken before the lunar human outpost.

Note: Roll B includes images of Apollo astronauts on the moon, unedited versions of the above noted interviews and images of the moon. In the French version, interviews are in English and are not translated.

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