Credit: ESA - AOES Medialab

Credit: ESA – AOES Medialab

The European Space Agency is on the lookout for private partnerships to explore the Moon and Mars.

ESA has issued a Call for Ideas to assess how companies could join forces with then in establishing “novel” partnerships.

“Private-sector partners are welcome to join ESA in its space exploration strategy. Join us to explore beyond Earth’s horizon by sharing knowledge, capabilities, risks and benefits,” an ESA statement explains.

Initiatives from outside Europe are welcomed as long as they support the ESA strategic plan and global cooperation goals for space exploration.

Sound business plan

“The scope of the Call is very broad: anybody with a sound business plan that has synergy with what ESA does to explore space is welcome to share their ideas,” said Bernhard Hufenbach, Head of ESA’s Strategic Planning Office.

Examples of partnership ideas include:

— Developing software to control robots in space and on Earth;

— Researching drilling techniques on Earth and the Moon;

— Manufacturing lightweight but low-maintenance health and safety equipment for astronauts and emergency workers;

— demonstrating technology in space;

— Creating documentaries or video games promoting European space exploration.

To get the ball rolling

Do you have a commercial idea that fits these general examples or even more exciting proposals?

Submit a letter of interest by April 3 to get the ball rolling.

The full details of this call for ideas titled Space Exploration as a Driver for Growth and Competitiveness: Opportunities for the Private Sector can be found here:

Also, take a look at this informative document at:

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