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The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) began in 2017 to produce a series of unclassified Defense Intelligence overviews of major foreign military challenges faced by the United States.

A new volume — CHINA MILITARY POWER: Modernizing a Force to Fight and Win — provides details on China’s defense and military goals, strategy, plans, and intentions; the organization, structure, and capability of its military supporting those goals; and the enabling infrastructure and industrial base.

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Courtesy: DIA

This product and other reports in the series are intended to inform the public, U.S. leaders, the national security community, and partner nations about the challenges to be faced in the 21st century.

The just-issued report covers a number of space themes: Space/Counterspace, Satellites, Counterspace, Human Spaceflight and Space-Exploration Probes.

China operates four space launch sites: Jiuquan, Taiyuan, Xichang, and Wenchang.
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