Third flight of China’s troubled Long March-5 booster, perhaps late this year, early next?
Credit: CGTN

The China National Space Administration has announced that the Long March 5 Y-3 carrier rocket has safely arrived at the Qinglan Port in Wenchang in Hainan Province on Sunday.

The ocean-going transport fleet that carried the rocket and components consisted of the Yuanwang-21 and Yuanwang-22 ships, belonging to the China Satellite Maritime Survey and Control Department. The vessels completed the voyage of five days and nights. The Yuanwang-22 transporter carried some sections of the Long March 5 Y-3 carrier rocket in containers.

China’s spaceport on Hainan Island.
Credit: CMSE


Essential return to flight

According to China Central Television (CCTV) the booster will now be transported to the Wenchang Space Launch Center by land.

After completing a series of assembly and testing work, the rocket will be launched – no official date for liftoff, perhaps late this year, early next?

Long March-5 booster’s first liftoff occurred in early November 2016. Mishap on launcher’s second flight in July 2017. Progress for a return-to-flight Long March-5 mission appears to be underway for possible flight late this year.
Credit: CASC




The Long March 5 booster is essential for China’s future space station and Moon exploration plans.

The upcoming third Long March-5 takeoff follows a mishap of this booster-class on July 2, 2017. An intensive investigation was carried out to identify why the rocket failed less than six minutes after liftoff.

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