Previously released image of Chang’e-4 lander taken by Yutu-2 rover.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) captured China’s Chang’e-4 farside lander/rover.
Image shows lander (near tip of left arrow) and rover (near tip of right arrow) nestled among craters on the floor of Von Kármán crater.
Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

China’s Chang’e-4 mission is entering sleep mode on Monday given that the Moon’s farside is entering a 14-day nighttime period.

China Global Television Network (CGTN) reports that the Chang’e-4 stationary lander and Yutu-2 rover both “did a good job during the past fortnight.”



Yutu-2 rover as imaged by Chang’e-4 lander earlier in the farside mission.

Working conditions

The working conditions of each system were normal, CGTN reports, with data transmission normal and the scientific load – such as the infrared imaging spectrometer and neutral atomic detector – successfully carried out scientific exploration activities.

Yutu-2 moved to a new patrol position on February and accumulated about 120 meters on the Moon, CGTN explains. “The rover is expected to wake up on February 28, and the lander is expected to awaken on March 1 to continue scientific exploration activities.”

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