CHINA MOON LANDER HIGH REZ (2)change3_lander2

The count in China is one alive, one still silent.

That’s the Internet word this morning that scientists have regained contact with the science-instrumented Chang’e 3 lander after surviving a 14-day lunar night. No official word, however, as of this posting.

Whether the Yutu (Jade Rabbit) has come out of a “cosmic coma” remains unknown. That rover experienced a mechanical control anomaly that may have spelled its doom.

The rover abnormality occurred due to “complicated lunar surface environment,” the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND) reported January 25.

The reportedly now active Chang’e-3 lander went into a controlled hibernation mode on Friday, January 24th Beijing Time.

While scientists were organizing repairs to the Yutu rover prior to its hibernation, in the hopes of it surviving the super-chilly lunar night, the mobile Moon robot may be long-gone.

An announcement from Beijing mission control is expected shortly on the condition of Yutu.

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