Space 2.0: How Private Spaceflight, a Resurgent NASA, and International Partners are Creating a New Space Age by Rod Pyle; BenBella Books, Dallas, Texas; paperback: 320 pages, $21.95.

This is a well-researched, well written, and handsomely illustrated volume by well-known space expert and historian, Rod Pyle. Documented in its pages is the flourishing, new era in space exploration – where humanity is headed and why.

Space 2.0 is divided into 18 sweeping and excellent chapters, a collective that space-aged as well as newbies will find top-notch reflection and a well-spring/vortex of what next. This book has been done in collaboration with the National Space Society, an organization that continues to help shape long-term plans for exploration, utilization, and settlement. Pyle is also editor of the Society’s Ad Astra magazine.

Of particular value is the book’s look at the burgeoning space entrepreneurial community. As Pyle explains, “there are many investors, both large and small, eager to finance the people creating Space 2.0 and expanding its horizons.”

As Pyle also makes clear: “We are now in a far better position to embark upon a sustainable program of human spaceflight and space development, and toward a permanent, robust human presence off Earth that will offer wide-ranging benefits for everyone who participates, directly or indirectly.” All that duly noted, welcome to Space 2.0.

In this volume there’s no room for pessimism! Today, in the United States and other spacefaring countries, humankind is embarking on a new space age, Pyle reports. This profound time in history will surely lead to settlement beyond our home planet, and the author expertly guides the reader along on this weighty and wonderful trajectory.

Space 2.0 is must reading. You’ll find great solace about humanity’s hunger – past and future tense — to shoot for the stars.

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