Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin.
Credit: Blue Origin


Blue Origin’s 10th flight yesterday of the New Shepard system was the 4th flight for this vehicle.

New Shepard liftoff on January 23, 2019.
Credit: Blue Origin/Screengrab/Inside Outer Space

The vehicle carried 8 NASA-sponsored research and technology payloads under the space agency’s Flight Opportunities program. In an upcoming mission, New Shepard will take payloads to space from around the world.

Step by step

From Jeff Bezos of fame and fortune and founder of Blue Origin: “A perfect day. New Shepard has now racked up 10 consecutive successful launches, 9 consecutive successful booster landings, 3 consecutive successful escape tests, and 11 consecutive successful crew capsule landings (including a pad escape),” Bezos explains.

Perfect landing.
Credit: Blue Origin

Yesterday’s mission, Bezos adds, “was the 4th flight of this particular tail number — all with minimal refurbishment between flights. Step by step, we’re getting close to human flight. And all of this learning is being incorporated into New Glenn too. I did wear my lucky boots today, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually the incredible Blue Origin team.”

Passenger capsule back on Earth after suborbital voyage.
Credit: Blue Origin






Videos available

Go to this set of videos that details the recent flight.

Science and Research Payloads on New Shepard:

Building the New Shepard Fleet:

NS-10: New Shepard Flies 8 NASA Payloads to Space:

Replay of the NS-10 flight on January 23, 2019:

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