Credit: Erica Burrell Design/Wheeler Historical Museum

Credit: Erica Burrell Design/Wheeler Historical Museum

The Wheeler Historical Museum in Wheeler, Texas is set to unveil a statue dedicated to Apollo 12 moonwalker, Alan Bean.

Bean became the fourth man to set foot on the Moon in November 1969. He explored the desolate landscape of the Ocean of Storms. His Apollo adventure was followed by being commander of Skylab Mission II in 1973, spending 59 days in Earth orbit.

Alan Bean resigned from NASA in 1981 to devote all of his time and energy to painting, capturing his experiences on the Moon.

Courtesy: Wheeler Historical Museum

Courtesy: Wheeler Historical Museum

As a Wheeler, Texas legendary artist and astronaut, Bean spoke at a St. Patrick’s Day Banquet in Shamrock, Texas on March 13th, then a day later was Marshall of the 69th Annual St. Patrick’s Parade. That same day the Wheeler Historical Museum honored his presence with a reception and dedication of the Alan Bean statue: “Tiptoeing on the Ocean of Storms.”

The American Legion building which is located on U.S. Hwy 83, along the northern edge of the city of Wheeler, Texas, has been preserved and rehabilitated to house the Wheeler Historical Museum.

Credit: Wheeler Historical Museum

Credit: Wheeler Historical Museum


“The new statue in Wheeler, the Johnson Space Center, and SpaceX’s announcement that it is building a launch facility in Brownsville bodes well for space tourism in Texas,” observes Stew Magnuson, author of the enlightening book, The Last American Highway: A Journey Through Time Down U.S. Route 83.

“U.S. Highway 83 as it passes through Wheeler is named Alan Bean Boulevard,” Magnuson told Inside Outer Space.

Swift Hill Productions traveled to Houston, Texas to interview Alan L. Bean. In this promo Bean talks about his birth in Wheeler, Texas and the importance of the future.

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Alan Bean at Wheeler Museum festivities. Credit: Erica Burrell Design/Wheeler Historical Museum

Alan Bean at Wheeler Museum festivities.
Credit: Erica Burrell Design/Wheeler Historical Museum

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  • Due to weather… The statue was not in place for our “unveiling”. The activities in honor of Captain Bean, continued as planned. We had a great attendance and Alan has agreed to return for the actual unveiling, when the sculpture is in place. The original artist, Paul Kashuk Jr., created the digital image, Captain Bean hand autographed a limited set of 150 prints of “the sculpture”. Photos of guests were taken with Captain Bean as he stood on the base where the statue will be. Each group received a signed print of the future statue.
    We greatly appreciate Captain Bean and Danny Reed, (who brought the Astrovette to our events.) We are witnessing a renewed interest in past and future space exploration and we are excited!
    Thanks for your interest and coverage of the events.
    Rhonda Meriwether

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