Taking to the air on Mars.
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Transforming the exotic environment of the Red Planet demands talented technologists, scientists, and architects.

Enter the Mars City Design group, bridging the gap between leading educators, scientists and engineers, with a splash of artistic vocations within entertainment, media and other professions.




Project exhibition

Last month, winners of Mars City Design Challenges 2017 celebrated their victories in a gala held in Los Angeles, California.

Vera Mulyani, visionary lead for Mars City Design.
Credit: Mars City Design

The event included exhibition of 30 projects that are ready to be developed for creating the blueprints to advance the mission for Mars. Several selected architectural projects showcased their projects in virtual reality.

Redwood Forest – Trees of Our Past and Future. Credit: Valentina Sumini MIT Redwood Forest Team


Human destiny

Mars City Design is the brainchild of Vera Mulyani, a passionate visionary keen on becoming an architect of Mars. Founded in Silicon Beach, Los Angeles, California, Mars City Design is dedicated to making Mars the second home for humans.

“Survivability is no longer enough,” Mulyani explains. “If the human destiny is to become ‘a multi-planetary species’ and the technology is making it possible, it becomes urgent to responsibly design the destinations that are out of this world, sustainable and contributive to the present Earth,” she believes.


And the winners are…

Architecture category:

1st Winner: Redwood Forest, by M.I.T Team lead by Valentina Sumini

2nd Winner: Color Wheel, by Diane Turnshek and Matt Finlay & Carnegie Mellon University Team

Urban Design category:

Winner: Marscapes, by Romarie Gonzales and Arturo Hernandez

Copyright Mars City Design, used with permission.

Sustainable Energy category:

1st Winner: Tree of Life by Samer El Sayary

2nd Winner: Helios by l’X École Polytechnique Team lead by Pierrot Arsène and Louis Quilley

3rd Winner: Ætheras by l’X École Polytechnique Team lead by Sebastien Roebben

Transportation category:

Winner: Around Mars in 80 Days by l’X École Polytechnique Team lead by Zoé Ghiron

Robotic/Artificial Intelligence category:

Winner: Telepathy 2.0 by Amina Jambo, USC

Copyright Mars City Design, used with permission.


Development stage

From the winning projects, Mars City Design brought some of the concepts forward to continue into the next development stage.

Mars City Design has launched a new competition for 2018, and this year’s goal is to focus on the second stage of some selected projects and to promote some of the selected teams to participate in a JPL/NASA Program in January 2018.

For more information on Mars City Design, go to this informative website at:


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